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G.Thor Karason
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Gudmundur Thor Karason is the son of director Kari H. Thorson and visual artist Jenny E. Gudmundsdottir. He grew up around visual art and theater and from an early age he knew he wanted to combine those two. He found his answer in television puppetry and in 1994 when he founded Wit Puppets. The company’s goal was to conceive and build creatures and make them come alive, with character and humor.
Since then, Wit Puppets has worked for all the largest production companies in Iceland. That includes commercials, theater and television and is proud to have performed and produced over a hundred puppets in the process. Although the projects have become more elaborate and complex, Wit Puppets remains a small and solid company.
Gudmundur’s involvement in Wit Puppets ranges from character development and design to construction and even performing some of the puppets himself.

In 1999 Gudmundur started working for Lazy Town Entertainment. He soon became one of the core creative people, earning him the title of creative director. He is involved in everything from performing one of the key characters to developing concepts and consulting on the show as well as designing visuals for the company.
For more info on Lazy Town Entertainment visit: http://www.lazytown.com

Gudmundur is the creator of a children’s television show called The Sidekicks. In the spring of 2003 he produced and directed an 18 min pilot for the show.
For more info on The Sidekicks visit: http://thesidekicks.com

In January 2004 Lazy Town Entertainment started filming 40 twenty two minute episodes called Lazytown. The show aired in the US on Nick Jr. and CBS in 2004. Gudmundur is the puppet performer and voice of Ziggy, one of the main puppet characters in Lazytown.
For more info on the Lazy Town show visit Nick Jr. at: http://www.nickjr.com/home/shows/lazytown/index.jhtml



Studied visual communication, graphics design and digital design for 3 years at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and in Danmarks Designskole. Graduated top of his department with a BA degree 2003.

One year's introduction to fine arts at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts.

Studied philosophy for two years at the University of Iceland. Average grade was 8,77 on a scale of ten.

Attended two workshops at Jim Henson Productions in NYC, (1996, 1999) and attended a workshop at the Jim Henson Creature Shop in London, (1999).

Studied "The Acting Techniques of the Clown and the Comedian" at the National Drama Institute of Iceland.

Graduated from Kvennaskolinn Gymnasium (Junior College) in 1994, with a special award for outstanding performance in pedagogy and sociology.








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