A brief introduction to Wit puppets

On this video, you will get a glimpse of some of the craftsmanship, performance and projects with which the company has been involved. You can choose from 3 Quick Time movies of different sizes depending on your connection and interest.

Gudmundur Thor Karason

Movie small 6,2 MB

Movie medium 13,5 MB

Movie large 28,9 MB

Other movies
Here are some other samples and sketches that you might enjoy
Lazytown puppets 2,4 MB
Curry Cola 4 MB
Older puppets 11,4 MB

Rap-Funk 1,8 MB

Maiking puppets 14 MB

Press 9,1 MB

Bond a) 769 k

Bond b) 1,0 MB
Bond c) 1,2 MB

Bond d) 1,4 MB

Bond e) 1,2 MB



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